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Phase Change

Phase Change Energy Solutions is a global leader in the development and deployment of innovative energy-efficiency and thermal storage solutions that harness the power of phase change materials. Customers including the U.S. Government, regional retail chains, and Fortune 100 banking, telecom, hospitality, and technology companies have installed millions of square feet of our products with proven results.

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The Problem

The price of energy and peak-use demand charges are near all time highs and demand for power is on the rise. Business operators require new, cost-effective technologies to reduce power consumption, manage operational expenses and reduce environmental impact.

The Solution

Our suite of building-efficiency products is powered by BioPCM®, a patented and proprietary phase change material. When installed within a structure, BioPCM® actively stabilizes interior temperature, absorbing heat when temperature exceeds a desired target and releasing heat when temperature drops below that target.

The Benefit

HVAC power consumption is reduced by up to 35%, producing energy savings that rapidly pay back the installed cost of our products. BioPCM products install quickly without business disruption and require little or no maintenance. They are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and have a demonstrated useful life of over 100 years.

ENRG Blanket ™

Versatile Energy Savings Solution For Your Building

ENRG Blanket encloses a natural, non-toxic and non-corrosive phase change material, BioPCM®, between two rugged, multi-layer films (polymer and /or aluminum). The resulting "blanket" is tear-resistant, long-lasting, and will maintain its thermal performance for over 100 years.

ENRG Blanket actively absorbs heat

when room temperature exceeds the desired set point. In summer, this action delays the need for mechanical cooling. In winter, this action absorbs and stores heat that would have otherwise been lost.

ENRG Blanket releases stored heat

when room temperature drops below the desired set point. In summer, the daytime heat is now moved more efficiently into cooler evening air. In winter, the stored heat is given back to the occupied space, helping maintain warmth for hours.

ENRG Blanket is easy to install

above drop ceilings, behind sheet-rock, or under roofing. In both retrofit and new construction applications, installation can often be completed in a single evening, avoiding disruption to your business operations.

ENRG Panel ™

The Power of ENRG Blanket™ in a Rugged, Easy-to-Install Panel

Powered by BioPCM®, ENRG Panel is a rigid panel system that integrates sheets of ENRG Blanket into a 2'x2' shell. When mounted on a wall or ceiling, the panel absorbs and releases thermal energy to reduce the need for HVAC cooling and heating, providing another efficient installation option.

Easy-to-install 2’2’ ENRG Panels

enable building owners to address applications that require installation flexibility and a more rugged solution. The panel overcomes application challenges and maximizes thermal performance of the space.

ENRG Panel integrates ENRG Blanket

into a rugged, ridged outer shell to reduce power consumption and HVAC run time. In most locales, savings from ENRG Panel will return its fully-installed cost in less than two or three years, (depending on energy cost).

ENRG Panel uses a lock-in-place track

system that can be installed quickly and efficiently on walls and ceilings. Once assembled, ENRG Panel consumes no power and requires no maintenance to provide consistent power savings.

Tempassist ™

Wall decor for comfort and savings

We've partnered with Larson-Juhl, the global leader in custom picture frame design, manufacturing and distribution, to offer solutions for installation in hospitality and office applications where drop ceilings are not present.

Fusing ENRG Blanket into wall décor,

artwork and signage, Tempassist provides an energy savings solution to spaces that do not have drop ceilings, such as hotel rooms, open-ceiling spaces or offices with hard-lid ceilings.

Tempassist yields up to 50% cost savings

or more with its state-of-the-art energy solution. It requires no maintenance and actively adjusts to its environment, reducing HVAC energy usage and extending useful life-of-equipment.

Tempassist is fast and easy to install

in artwork, canvases, mirrors, panels and other types of wall décor. This installation avoids disruptions to your business operations and can be completed in a single evening.

PhaseStor ™

Add Bulk Thermal Storage Without Replacing the Chiller

Built and driven by BioPCM®, PhaseStor is a large-scale, hot or cold thermal storage solution that can store more than ten times the amount of energy as chilled water.

Reduces HVAC Power Consumption

Bulk thermal storage allows owners to melt or freeze BioPCM during night-time hours and turn the system down or off during peak demand periods, reducing peak demand charges. PhaseStor systems generally require less energy to operate because the system runs at a tunable temperature and reduced run time.

Waste Heat Recovery

PhaseStor can be used in applications of waste heat recovery, as an example, reducing carbon emission while increasing the thermal efficiency of a system. PhaseStor adds redundancy in the system for times of scheduled chiller/boiler maintenance or outages.

Reduces Cost of Ownership

PhaseStor requires less equipment maintenance and less pumping than traditional systems, extending the operating life of your HVAC system. It maximizes energy savings using standardized, efficient components and could provide double or triple the savings over ten years.