The most efficient energy management system ever created.


The Basic Power Unit – The BPU™ is a revolutionary solid state energy management system that reduces electric usage, protects valuable electrical systems and electronic equipment, improves motor and machine performance resulting in reduced maintenance costs, increased equipment service life and ultimately helping businesses lower total system life cycle costs and achieve green building objectives.

Based upon an electromagnetic reactor core utilizing patented twin toroidal power quality transformer technology, the BPU™consistently reduces kWh consumption and kW demand by at least 8%.

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There are 5 BPU™ models available for 480V systems and 5 BPU™ models available for 208V systems. Units have been sized for both monthly kwh consumption and running amps.


Working principles

The BPU™ electromagnetic reactor core dynamically monitors the incoming power from the electric utility and corrects any anomalies before they reach your electrical systems and sensitive electronic equipment. The BPU™ then monitors all of the electric power running throughout your facility, instantaneously correcting any sensed anomalies as they occur.

Electric current degraded by internal systems and loads cannot be utilized by other devices, so that portion of the energy you pay for at the meter is wasted. The reactor core captures the distorted, wasted energy and transforms it back into usable energy and then releases it into the building electrical network as your equipment and systems call for it.

Product highlights

  • At least 8% kWh and kW Demand Reduction

  • Reduction Payback in under 24 months

  • Connects in parallel through a spare breaker in your electrical panel

  • No need to switch off any equipment when installing

  • Works with variable speed drives and any existing power quality technology on site

  • Improves the performance of your motors and compressors

  • Improves the performance of renewable energy systems when added to DC inverters

Technology highlights

  • The BPU™ senses and corrects anomalies in the electrical service arising from the utility supplied electrical service and power quality issues created within your building to make your electrical power very efficient.

  • The BPU™ clips the energy spikes that are generated when equipment is switched on to reduce your “Peak Demand” which your utility company uses as a benchmark rate when billing you.

  • The BPU™ reduces harmonic distortion within your electrical service and recycles this energy back into useful power.

  • The BPU™ helps balance electrical phases allowing motors and systems to run cooler and smoother reducing equipment maintenance and increasing system lifespan.

  • The BPU™ suppresses sags and surges and optimizes the electrical voltage entering your building.